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Welcome to the Official Strength of the SWORD ULTIMATE Wiki
the Strength of the SWORD ULTIMATE reference written and maintained by the players.
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Additional New Game Features

  • New Platform - First of all, we're on the PC now. PC never gets out of style and everybody has one.
  • PvP Mode - It was awesome to have people compete over leaderboard scores, but nothing resolves the 'who is the best' argument better than an old-fashion PvP. Back in the original game we were more interested in the player challenging himself rather than facing others. Well, since then... lets just say arguments were had inside the studio, gauntlets were thrown, words were spoken that cannot be taken back, so the PvP mode is as much for us as it is for everybody else.
  • CO-OP Mode - But maybe you don't have a wise-ass co-worker that doesn't realize he's no match for your awesomeness. And instead have a trusted friend to take with you in battle. CO-OP will also be a part of the ULTIMATE experience. After all the minions of darkness come in numbers, so it's only natural that there's a place for a second War Golem on the battlefield.
  • Dark Mode - The third multiplayer mode (yeah, when we do multiplayer we do ALL the multiplayer), is something that we'll talk about more in the months before the release of the game as it will need more time to refine and then be explained. It's called DARK MODE and it's going to be an AWESOME ASYMMETRICAL PVP MARATHON where one player gets infused with the power of the Darkness and goes on a Wargolem-slaying spree.
  • Extended Single Player Experience - Singleplayer will get polished up and we have several ideas on bringing in the some new stand-alone levels that will extend the lore of the War Golem sent from the Almighty Mechanic in the sky. That also means new enemies with entirely new ways of thinking that will have even veterans from the original game sweating. As always button-mashing will not save you.

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